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Two Dreams Come Together

What started as a joke between two cooks on a hot line, has now become a reality. Matthew and Malachi have known each other for many years and now are bringing together their combined 20+ years experience to BurgersOnTheBoulevard. Expect good music and better vibes. 


Matthew Bedlion


Dog lover and Cancer survivor, Matthew has a heart too big for his body. With a desire to help people and bring happiness to the masses, Matthew has the spirit of someone who refuses to quit. Ask him how he got here, and you won't be prepared on what he says. 

Malachi Carlisle

Lover of burgers and the kitchen, Malachi has sought out food his whole life. The joy food brings him has allowed him to continually push himself. Having worked in various restaurants at all levels, Malachi is ready to step into role of delivering delicious food to the customers face to face.

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